Why We Exist
Everyone suggests preparing for IIT, but no one helps during the ups and downs of preparation.
When we enter into IIT, then almost every person has the struggle story of their preparation. Some stories are entertaining, and some are crying. But the most important fact is that nearly every IITian had some mentor or personal support in the form of teachers, friends, and family, which helped them achieve their goals. We also realized that students who don't have good support but are intelligent, most of them usually get into NIT but failed to get admission into IIT.

After realizing this, we dig deeper into this problem. Personally teach students and trying to understand what will help them to boost their selection expectancy. To get into IIT / NIT / IIIT / BITS, we realized that you should know 'What to Study' & "How to study." Unfortunately, coaches don't teach this. Learning 'How to study' is key to excelling in JEE mains & advanced because, without it, you wouldn't know whether you are moving in the right direction or not. Hard work in the wrong direction leads to disaster.

Most of the top rankers we admire and aspire to become were fortunate enough to get handholding & mentorship of their elder bhaiya/didi or teachers. They were in top batches where special attention was given. Each student was nurtured personally, similar to a Gardner taking care of his rose beds.

Our vision is to make every aspirant utilize their full potential and get into their dream college. We took this initiative to guide, mentor, train, and teach what coaching and regular studies cannot fulfill.

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Meet Our
Leadership Team​
Prakhar Agrawal


Prakhar is IIT Kanpur Alumnus and worked with companies like Goldman Sachs and Linkedin. He has 3 years of experience working in AI and Product Management. 

Shivam Pal


Shivam is IIT Kanpur Alumnus and has over 2 years of experience working with EdTech Startups. He loves startup culture and has worked on building 2 startups in the past.