JEE and boards how to manage preparation, 7 best rules

JEE and board exams both are essential and life-changing examinations for engineering students. On one hand, JEE is all about the dream you have while on the other JEE advance admission has its own criteria based on board marks.

CategoryMin. aggregate marks secured in 12th
General 75%

In addition to this, candidates should be within the top 20 category percentile of the qualifying examination.

Know more details of JEE Advanced Eligibility Criteria from here!

Since both of these exams are equally important in deciding your future, it is really very necessary to strike the right balance between them. Board exams are mainly based on theoretical topics while JEE requires more critical thinking and analytical skills. 

Core concepts you should focus on

JEE has a more extensive syllabus as compared to board exams. Solving JEE questions requires a basic understanding of the topic and board exams are mostly based on theoretical questions. Thus, learning and focusing on the board’s syllabus will not only help you in board exams but also it will help you to perform better in JEE. NCERT books are very helpful in building basic knowledge. Don’t just rush to solve questions but also try to learn the concept used behind them. Keep working on topics that you think you have not understood well.

How to Solve Numerical problems?

Focusing on concepts and then doing numerals provides you with a good preparation strategy for both exams. Physics and mathematics have more numerical, while inorganic chemistry is more about the mugging. Thus, practice well in physics and math to be able to perform well in exams. Don’t be in a hurry while solving questions. It will cause silly mistakes to occur.

Benefits of Mock tests

Give mock tests for both exams from time to time. Since exams have some defined trends and patterns and there are specific parts of the syllabus that are relatively more important hence, solving question papers will give you an idea about this. Focusing more on mock tests of JEE is more advisable as they ask relatively tougher questions. Practice integer-type questions every day, they have one extra benefit, in JEE all integer-type questions have no negative marking, so try to solve all those 15 integer-type questions in a mock test.

Daily Revision Strategy

Rather than finishing the whole syllabus and then revising, try to revise chapters from time to time. Include a time for revision in your daily/weekly schedule. Do note the things which you need to have a look at after giving a mock test. This will help you excel in both exams. While making a schedule for revision, do give more time to the subjects like inorganic chemistry because they need more time. Make your own tricks and find ways to remember things in an easier and faster way.

Sync the schedule 

Preparation of both exams should be in sync, this will prevent your confusion and will save your time. Choose a topic, learn its concepts and fundamentals, while reading make notes,(doing these 2 will help you in boards), solve varieties of question papers, and previous year papers to shine in JEE. move on to the next chapter and keep revision in your schedule.

Common things first 

Find the common thread between both exams, and start learning these chapters first, this will help you save time.

3:1 to 1:3 Rule

Be familiar with the exam pattern of boards and jee. Preparing simultaneously can be challenging. JEE is an objective type of exam while boards focus more on subjective questions. You can bridge the gap by assigning the correct time ratio to both of them. Start from 3:1 and end it at 1:3. This means that while starting your preparation, give more time to board preparations since it will help you in strengthening your concepts. Once you are done with the theoretical part, focus more on solving varieties of questions and this can be done by practicing more JEE-type questions. 

We hope that you have got a clear idea about “How to manage the Board and JEE exams simultaneously?”. If you have any doubt regarding JEE preparations Download our UnchaAI app for 3-stage Free JEE/NEET mentorship from the IITians and AIIMSONIANS. Our IITians and AIIMSONIANS mentors will guide you personally.

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